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  1. [Vedam] How many padam does Gayathri mantram have ?





  2. [Puranam] How many Satvika Puranams do we have ?





  3. [Azhwars] The word 'Andal' in Tamil means ?

 One who ruled over the lord

 One who is immersed in Bhakti

 One who rules a kingdom


  4. [Sandyavandanam] Arghyam (water offering) during monring Sandyavandanam is to be given (as a best practice) ?

 Before Sunrise

 During Sunrise

 After Sunrise

 No such specification

  5. [Mahabaratham] During Gita Upadesam by Shri Krishna to Arjuna which other two persons had the fortune of being privy to the conversation as it happened in the battle field ?

 Nakula & Sahadeva

 Yudishtra & Beema

 Sanjay & Drutharaashtra

 Bhishma & Drona

  6. [Vedam] The term Vedantham refers to ?





  7. [Acharyas] Who is the Seventh Acharya in our sampradayam ?

 Srimadh Alavandar

 Srimadh Periya Nambi

 Srimadh Uyyakkondar

 Srimadh Manakkal Nambi

  8. [Vedam] In our tradition, Pancha Sooktams are: Purusha, Vishnu, Shri,  ?

 Vishnu & Bhu

 Bhu & Neela

 Vishnu & Neela


  9. [Puranam] What is the nature of Srimadh Bhagavatha Puranam ?





  10. [Sanatana Dharmam] What would one normally look for in the Gandaki River ?

 Gandaki Fish

 Gandaki Flower


 Gandaki Herb



Quiz questions contributed by Sri Ramji Govindarajan, UK.