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  1. [Dasaavatharam] To which Asura did Lord Narayana teach a lesson in Vamana Avataar ?





  2. [Dasaavatharam] What was Sita Devi's state of mind when Shri Hanuman first met her ?

 She was hopeful that Lord Rama will come to save her

 She was planning to fight Ravana

 She was planning an escape from Lanka

 All of the above

  3. [Bhagavadh Gita] During Bhagavadh Gita Upadesam to Arjuna, Shri Krishna refers himself to which one of those among the '4 Vedas' ?





  4. [Dasaavatharam] What did Vibishana do after Ravana ordered him to leave Lanka ?

 He rescued Sita Devi

 He surrendered to Lord Rama & joined him

 He fought Lord Rama separately

 He went to a forest to do penance

  5. [Dasaavatharam] Who reminded Shri Hanuman of his immense powers when they set out to find Sita Devi ?





  6. [Dasaavatharam] Who was Shri Krishna's father ?





  7. [Dasaavatharam] Who was Arjuna's charioteer (driver of Arjuna's chariot)? ?




 Shri Krishna

  8. [Bhagavadh Gita] At what point was Bhagavadh Gita upadesam delivered ?

 Just before the Mahabarath war started

 During the course of Mahabarath war

 After the end of Mahabarath war


  9. [Dasaavatharam] What is the name of the bridge that Lord Rama and his Vanara sena built to cross the sea and reach Lanka ?

 Sugriva Sethu

 Hanuman Sethu

 Sita Sethu

 Rama Sethu

  10. [Dasaavatharam] Who were twin brothers among the four brothers: Lord Rama, Lakshmana, Baratha & Shatrugna ?

 Lord Rama & Lakshmana

 Baratha & Lakshmana

 Lord Rama & Shatrugna

 Lakshmana & Shatrugna



Quiz questions contributed by Sri Ramji Govindarajan, UK.