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       Sriman Pundarikakshar (a) Sriman Uyyakondar


Birth place:Thiru Vellarai
Birth date:Prabhava Year, Chittirai Month, Krithika Star (Kali 3987)

Main Sishyar of Sri Nathamunigal

Once he accompanied his Guru pathini (Sri Nathamunigal's wife) to her parent's house.  Her parents did not know his greatness and treated him as just another servant, made him sit outside the house and fed him with previous day's food.  When Sri Nathamunigal inquired about the trip, he replied that he had the 'Bhagyam' of having 'Bhagavatha Sesham' (left-over food after Bhagavatha consumption).  Sri Nathamunigal was very happy about his answer and named him "Uyyakondar".

His sishyas include Sri Manakkal Nambi, PundarikaDasar and others.