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Three Minutes - A S Rajagopalan

This series on Three Minutes is a collection of short essays on shrIvaiShNava philosophy. As the name implies, it takes about three minutes to read and is convenient for the people who have very limited time. Each topic is targeted towards a verse or advice from the vedas, divya prabhandam, or AcAryas’ works rooted on the visiShTadvaitam. I have started this venture to share my ideas with the younger generation. Three goals were kept in mind while writing this. 1. Brevity. 2. Simplicity. 3. Practical application. This series is targeted mainly to those who have very little exposure to shrIvaiShNavam.

Instead of dwelling through entirely on the AzhvAr’s enjoyment (anubhavam) or dealing with intricate internal meanings (svApadesham), these essays highlight the basic understanding of the philosophy and the application of such concepts by common people to enhance their everyday life.

Peter Lynch, famous stock market mutual fund manager used to say, “Don’t buy a stock, if you can’t explain with a crayon in two minutes, what that company does”. May be that holds good in all walks of life.

I beg the pardon of the scholars for any errors, omissions or oversimplifcation, that surely might have occurred in this document. Finally, it is the blessings of the AcArya-s and bhAgavatA-s, I could write a couple of lines here and share with everyone.

thanks, aDiyEn (your humble servant) asr

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Sri Bhashyapuram (Neeravalur) - Varadhachari Sadagopan

NeeravaLur is on the Chennai-Bangalore route , near Kaanchipuram. There is a beautiful archaa vigraham of JwAlA Narasimhan at this temple going back to five hundred years . This JwAlA Nrismhan temple has strong ties to Sri Ahobila Matam Jeeyars .



Akshaya Triteeyai - Varadhachari Sadagopan

Akshaya Triteeyai is the third day of Sukla Paksham. It falls on May 16 ( 2nd Day of VaikAsi )this year. It is a day sacred for worship of Sriman Narayanan. PuNya karmAs done on this sacred day multiply many fold. It is an ideal day for receiving upadEsams on Mahaa mantrams from one's AchAryans and reflect on our Acharya ParamparA.

It is a perfect day for making new beginnings to ensure undiminishing returns. SambhAvanai to one's AchAryan, who blessed us with SamAsrayaNa / BharanyAsa anugrahams, is highly recommended on this sacred day. It is an ideal day for performing PuNya KarmAs like Mantra Japam, SaaLagrama dhaanam, VishNu Sahasra Naama PaarAyaNam and the darsanam of Sriman NarayaNan on Garuda Vaahanam. The 12 Garuda Sevai at KumbakONam Big Street takes place on this day. Lord SarangapANi, ChakrapANi, Raaman, Varaahan and other sacred archAs from the city and suburbs of KumbakONam can be enjoyed on Garuda Vaahanam under a big pandal near Ahobila Matam at Periya Theru of Thirukkudanthai ( KumbakONam).