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  1. [Vedam] Shukla (White) Yajur Veda is called so because it was ?

 Found in white cloth

 Instructed by Aditya

 Found on white Lotus

 None of the above

  2. [Azhwars] Which Azhwar chose to sing about his Acharya Swami Nammazhwar instead of the Lord in Divya Desams ?


 Thirumazhisai Azhwar

 Madhurakavi Azhwar

 Thirumangai Azhwar

  3. [Vishistaadvaitam] Choose the odd one out ?

 Saguna Brahmam

 Nirguna Brahmam


 Shri Baashyam

  4. [Acharyas] Which Acharya codified the Divya Prabandham as we know today for the first time ?


 Swami Ramanuja

 Shri Nathamuni

 Swami Desikan

  5. [Acharyas] What did Nathamuni seek to obtain from Swami Nammazhwar intially ?

 Entire Divya Prabandham

 Nammazhwar Pasurams



  6. [Ramayanam] How many verses does Valmiki Ramayanam contain ?





  7. [Acharyas] Swami Ramanuja is the incarnation of  ?


 Adi Sesha



  8. [Puranam] How many Raajasa Puranams do we have ?





  9. [Divya Desam] 'Thulukka Nachiar' sannidhi is found in which temple ?





  10. [Vishistaadvaitam] Swami Ramanjua's commentary on Brahma Sutram is called ?

 Pancha Sooktham

 Gadya Trayam

 Shri Bashyam

 Padhuka Sahasram



Quiz questions contributed by Sri Ramji Govindarajan, UK.