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       Sri RamaMisrar (a) Sri Manakkal Nambi


Birth place:Manakkal (near Sri Rangam, Trichy, India)
Birth date:Kali 4052, VirothiKrith Year, Masi Month, Makam Star

Main Sishyar of Sri UyyaKondar

One day, the two children of Sri UyyaKondar wanted to go for a bath in the river Kaveri and Sri Manakkal Nambi accompanied them.  While returning back, there was a ditch that could not be crossed by the small children.  Since they are his Guru's children, Sri Manakkal Nambi lay over the ditch and made them cross the ditch, by using his back as a bridge.  Sri Uyyakondar was very happy at this Guru Bhakti and blessed him.

He also made Sri Alavandar, a great Sri Vaishnava Acharya.  Sri Alavandar, became a king and started a normal life full of tamas and rajas influences.  Sri RamaMishrar tried many times, without success, to meet him.   In order to get his attention, Sri RamaMishrar started feeding Sri Alavandar, a type of sattvic food (a kind of spinach) by befriending a cook in the palace kitchens.  One day, he stopped the feeding the spinach and Sri Alavandar called the cook to find out the reason and hence Sri RamaMishrar got a chance to meet the king.  Sri Alavandar wanted to know, what Sri Ramamishrar wants in return, to which the latter replied that he has a wealth (from Sri Alavandar's elders) that he wants to give to Sri Alavandar.  Sri Alavandar followed Sri Ramamishrar in to the sanctum sanctorum of Sri Ranganatha Temple at Trichy.  Sri Ramamishrar announced that Sri Ranganatha is that wealth and Sri Alavandar fell at his feet and became a great Sri Vaishnava Acharyan.

His famous sishyas include Sri Alavandar, Sri ThiruVinnakarappan and others.