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Sri Alavandhar


Birth place:Veeranarayanapuram (Near Chidambaram)
Birth date:Datu, Adi, Uttiradam

Sri Alavandar is one of the foremost Sri Vaishnava Acharyas. He was the grandson of Sriman Nathamunigal and a sishya of Sri Manakkal Nambi.

He studied under the tutelage of Sri Maha Bashya Battar. At that time, Sri Akki Azhwan who was thye court poet in the King's court challenged Sri Sri Mahabashya Bhattar for a debate. Sri Alavandar decided to head to the court in place of his Guru, who was indisposed at that time.

Everyone in the court was surprised that a young boy has challenged the mighty Aki Azhvan. However, the queen was facinated and taken by Sri Alavandar's manifest brilliance and courage. She made a wager with the king, that if Sri Alavandar loses, the queen will serve the king, as a servant and if not, the king should give half his kingdom to Sri Alavandar. Sri Alavandar asked the court poet to prove false the following three statements: (1) The court poet's mother is infertile. (2) The king is an Emperor (rules the whole world) (3) The queen is not chaste. The court poet could not prove false any of the statements and accepted defeat. Sri Alavandar proved all the statements as false through the following Sastras. (1)Since the court poet is the only child, according to Sastras, his mother can technically be called infertile. (2) An Emperor is one who rules the whole world, but the king rules only the Chozha land and (3) In Hindu Vedic marriage, the bride is married (through Mantras) to different Devas like Soman, Agni etc., and the king is married to the queen only as the fourth groom and so the queen can technically be called unchaste. The queen immediately called out "Emmai Alavandeero?" (you are my savior) and hence, his name became "Alavandar". Sri Alavandar was given half the land and so, he became a King himself.

Sri Manakkal Nambi (a) Rama Mishrar, carrying out his Guru Sri UyyaKondar's orders, brought Sri Alavandar into Sri Vaishnava Acharya lineage

He learnt yoga rahasyas from Sri KurukaiKavalappan (Sri Nathamunigal's sishya).

He is the main reason behind bringing Sri Ramanujar (Emperumanar) into Sri Vaishnava fold, even though he did not teach Sri Ramanujar directly. He noticed Sri Ramanujar, doing service to Sri YadavaPrakasar and prayed Sri Varadaraja Perumal (Kanchipuram) to make Sri Ramanujar come into Sri Vaishnava fold and spread Sri Vishishtadvaitam philosophical doctrine.

On his deathbed, he instructed Peria Nambigal to invite Sri Ramanujar to visit him. But, before Sri Ramanujar came, Sri Alavandar had left for Paramapadam (died) but had three fingers clenched together to direct Sri Ramanjuar. When Sri Ramanujar came and promised that he will do (1) Vishnu Purana Bhasyam (2) Spread Sri Nammalwar's works through a Bhasyam and (3) A bhasyam for Sri Veda Vyasa's Brahma Sutras, from Vishishtadvaitha principle's point of view, Sri Alavandar's clenched fingers became straight.

His famous works include Sri Chatusloki, Sri Stotra Ratnam etc.,

His famous sishyas include Periya Nambi, Thiru Koshtiyur Nambi and Thiru Malai Andaan.

He authored texts including Agamapraamanyam, Purusha Nirnayam, Athmasiddi, Samvithsiddi, Iswarasiddi, Geetharttha Sangraham, Chatusloki, and Sthothra Rathnam.