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       Sri Parasara Bhattar


Birth place:SriRangam
Birth date:Vaikasi Month, Anusha Star

Sri Parasara Bhattar is the one of the sons of Sri Kooratalwan.  The Divya Dampathis themselves acted as parents for him, as he was born after his mother, Sri Andal, consumed "Prasadam" from the Sri Rangam temple.

Sri Bhattar was very proficient in the meanings of the Divya Prabhandam, even at the age of five.  Sri Ramanujar and Embar  acted as teachers for him.

It is said that Sri Alavandar and Sri Ramanujar prayed before the Sri Rangam Peria Perumal to bless the Acharya lineage by bringing a child to this world, fit enough to be named after Sri Parasarar.  That child is Sri Parasara Bhattar.

He spread Sri Visishtadvaita philosophy through out India and went till Gangotri in North India to bring people and pandits into Sri Vaishnava fold.