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  1. [Divya Prabandam] How many Pasurams does Thiru Palli Yezhuchi contain ?





  2. [Mahabaratham] Which one of the following Devas appeared in front of the Pandavas in the form of 'Yaksha' ?





  3. [Azhwars] Who was the foremost disciple of Swami Nammazhwar ?


 Thirumazhisai Azhwar

 Madhurakavi Azhwar

 Thirumangai Azhwar

  4. [Puranam] Whom did Suka-acharyar reveal Srimadh Bhagavatham to ?





  5. [Sandyavandanam] Name of the 5th Vyaahruthi (world) we mention before Gayathri japam in Yajur Sandyavandanam ?





  6. [Azhwars] Who is not one of the Mudhal (First) Azhwars ?

 Poigai Azhwar




  7. [Azhwars] Which Azhwar chose to sing about his Acharya Swami Nammazhwar instead of the Lord in Divya Desams ?


 Thirumazhisai Azhwar

 Madhurakavi Azhwar

 Thirumangai Azhwar

  8. [Sandyavandanam] Arghyam (water offering) during monring Sandyavandanam is to be given (as a best practice) ?

 Before Sunrise

 During Sunrise

 After Sunrise

 No such specification

  9. [Azhwars] The word 'Azhwar' in Tamil refers to ?

 One who is immersed in Bhakti

 One who rules the senses

 Name of a place


  10. [Azhwars] Which Azhwar was overwhelmed to hear Rama's battle with Ravana that he readied his army to help Rama ?

 Thirumangai Azhwar

 Kulashekara Azhwar





Quiz questions contributed by Sri Ramji Govindarajan, UK.