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  1. [Sandyavandanam] Sandyavandanam is to be performed ?

 Once a day

 Twice a day

 Thrice a day

 None - it is optional

  2. [Acharyas] Who is the Tenth Acharya in our sampradayam ?

 Srimadh Alavandar

 Srimadh Periya Nambi

 Swami Ramanuja

 Srimadh Manakkal Nambi

  3. [Acharyas] Who undertook the task of fulfilling the unfinished taks of Shri Yamunacharya ?

 Swami Desikan

 Shri Nathamuni

 Swami Ramanuja

 Periya Nambigal

  4. [Azhwars] In which Divya Desam did Shri Andal merge with Lord Narayana ?


 Sri Villi Puthoor

 Thiru Kannangudi


  5. [Acharyas] How many wishes remained unfulfilled when Shri Yamunacharya attained Paramapadam ?





  6. [Sandyavandanam] Arghyam (water offering) during afternoon Sandyavandanam is to be given (as a best practice) ?

 Before Sun reaches peak

 When Sun is at its peak

 When Sun descends

 No such specification

  7. [Acharyas] Who is the Fourth Acharya in our sampradayam ?

 Swami Nammazhwar

 Sriman Nathamuni



  8. [Bhagavadh Gita] During Bhagavadh Gita Upadesam to Arjuna, Shri Krishna refers himself to which one of those among the 'Asuras'  ?





  9. [Azhwars] Which Azhwars is also known as Bhattarpiraan ?


 Thirumazhisai Azhwar

 Kulashekara Azhwar

 Thirumangai Azhwar

  10. [Sanatana Dharmam] How many avatarams has Lord Sriman Narayana taken in this world ?







Quiz questions contributed by Sri Ramji Govindarajan, UK.