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  1. [Dasaavatharam] Who went in search of the animal that Sita Devi wanted in the forest ?

 Lord Rama


 Both Lord Rama & Lakshmana


  2. [Dasaavatharam] Who was stronger among the two warring Vanara brothers ?


 Shri Hanuman



  3. [Dasaavatharam] What was the name of the poison that arose due to the Churning of the Ocean during Koorma Avataar ?




 None of the above

  4. [Dasaavatharam] Who did Goddess Shri Mahalakshmi want to marry as she came out during the Churning of Ocean ?

 Lord Narayana


 Lord Brahma


  5. [Dasaavatharam] What Yagna was performed by King Dasharatha to obtain a child ?


 Soma Yaga



  6. [Dasaavatharam] Who was Shri Krishna's father ?





  7. [Dasaavatharam] Which character in Ramayana appears in Mahabaratha as well ?




 Shri Hanuman

  8. [Dasaavatharam] Who wrote Ramayana for the first time ?





  9. [Dasaavatharam] What did Shri Krishna do during his Avatara ?

 Helped Pandavas at all times

 Drove Arjuna's Chariot

 Showed to the whole world that he was Lord Narayana

 All of the above

  10. [Dasaavatharam] Why was Lord Rama sent to forest by King Dasharatha ?

 Because Queen Kausalya insisted so

 Because Queen Sumitra insisted so

 Because Queen Kaikeyi insisted so

 Because Baratha insisted so



Quiz questions contributed by Sri Ramji Govindarajan, UK.