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  1. [Dasaavatharam] How many children did Lord Rama & Sita Devi have ?





  2. [Dasaavatharam] Who did Goddess Shri Mahalakshmi want to marry as she came out during the Churning of Ocean ?

 Lord Narayana


 Lord Brahma


  3. [Dasaavatharam] Who was Krishna's brother ?





  4. [Dasaavatharam] Which weapon did Shri Krishna choose to fight the Kurukshetra battle ?

 Sudarshana Chakra

 Saarngam the bow

 Shri Krishna did not fight

 Chakri the sword

  5. [Dasaavatharam] What did Lord Rama gift to Vibishana after Lord Rama's Pattabhishekam (crowning ceremony) ?

 Idol of Lord Ranganatha

 Statues of Lord Rama & Sita

 Statues of Lord Rama, Sita & Lakshmana

 Statue of Ravana

  6. [Bhagavadh Gita] Bhagavadh Gita is arranged in how many chapters ?





  7. [Dasaavatharam] What weapon does 'Parashu' mean ?




 Mace (Gadha)

  8. [Dasaavatharam] Who was elder among the two warring Vanara brothers ?


 Shri Hanuman



  9. [Dasaavatharam] What did Baratha do when he came to know that Lord Rama was sent to the forest ?

 He gathered an army to fight Lord Rama

 He went to request Lord Rama to return to Ayodhya

 He gathered an army to fight King Dasharatha

 He became the king Ayodhya

  10. [Dasaavatharam] What did Baratha obtain from Lord Rama as a symbol to be kept on Ayodhya's throne until Lord Rama returned from forest ?

 Lord Rama's bow & arrow

 Lord Rama's Padhuka (sandals)

 Lord Rama's crown

 Lord Rama's Poonal (sacred thread)



Quiz questions contributed by Sri Ramji Govindarajan, UK.