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  1. [Divya Desam] Who is the principal deity in Ahobilam Divya Desam ?

 Lord Lakshmi Nrusimha

 Lord Shri Ranganatha

 Lord Krishna

 Lord Rama

  2. [Dasaavatharam] How did King Janaka find Sita Devi as a young baby ?

 Inside a lake where King Janaka was swimming

 When he was tilling the land

 Inside the sea where King Janaka was travelling

 In a River

  3. [Dasaavatharam] Which came first? The Amrith (Nectar) or the Poison during the churning of the ocean during Koorma Avataar ?





  4. [Ramayanam] Who did Lord Rama's brother Shatrugna marry ?



 Shrutha Keerthi


  5. [Dasaavatharam] Name the Avataar in which the Devas and Asuras had to temporarily suspend their enmity and work as a team ?





  6. [Dasaavatharam] Name the King who was defeated by Lord Parashurama in one of his wars ?




 Kartaveerya Arjuna

  7. [Dasaavatharam] Who was Kamsa ?

 Shri Krishna's brother

 Shri Krishna's uncle

 Shri Krishna's father

 Shri Krishna's grand father

  8. [Bhagavadh Gita] Bhagavadh Gita is arranged in how many chapters ?





  9. [Dasaavatharam] What task did Shri Krishna perform during Kurukshetra battle ?

 Arjuna's charioteer

 Tended to the Horses of the Pandava Army

 Arjuna's personal physician

 All of the above

  10. [Dasaavatharam] What was the name of the ELEPHANT that came out during the churning of Ocean ?







Quiz questions contributed by Sri Ramji Govindarajan, UK.