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  1. [Dasaavatharam] In which Yuga did Vamana Avataar occur? ?

 Satya Yuga

 Treta Yuga

 Dvapara Yuga

 Kali Yuga

  2. [Dasaavatharam] At whose instance did King Dasharatha send Lord Rama to forest ?





  3. [Dasaavatharam] What was the role of Vaasuki (the giant snake) during Mathsya Avataar? ?

 Fighting the Asura 'Hayagreeva'

 Connecting the huge ship to the giant Fish

 Tying Vedas

 All of the above

  4. [Dasaavatharam] Who were eager to marry Goddess Shri Mahalakshmi as she came out during the churning of Ocean ?





  5. [Dasaavatharam] What did Shri Krishna lift when he was young to protect his villagers from torrential rains ?





  6. [Ramayanam] Who did Lord Rama's brother Lakshmana marry ?



 Shrutha Keerthi


  7. [Bhagavadh Gita] The teachings contained in Bhagavadh Gita were revealed by Lord Narayana to mankind much before his discourse to Arjuna ?





  8. [Dasaavatharam] While in the forest, upon seeing Baratha and a big crowd, what did Lakshmana think at first  ?

 Baratha had come to fight Lord Rama

 Baratha had come to request Lord Rama to return

 Baratha had come to join Lord Rama in the forest

 None of the above

  9. [Dasaavatharam] What was the condition specified during Sita Devi's Swayamvar  ?

 Shiva Danus (Bow) needs to be stringed

 Shiva Danus (Bow) needs to be broken

 Shiva Danus (Bow) needs to be lifted

 King Janaka was to be defeated

  10. [Dasaavatharam] What do you think of this statement: During Koorma Avataar Nectar was given to Devas and Halahala poison was given to Asuras ?

 Yes - The statement is entirely correct

 No - Halahala was given to Devas and Nectar to Asuras

 No - Nectar was given only to Devas

 No - Nectar was consumed by Lord Narayana



Quiz questions contributed by Sri Ramji Govindarajan, UK.